Random rantings of a hopeless romantic

Ye dooriyan (The Distance)

The distance, in space it's measured in light years, in oceans it's nautical miles, in S.I. unit it's meters. But how is it measured between two people ? Two soulmates, a sister and her brother, a daughter and her mother,... Continue Reading →

Fur love

As the day faded into the night, The skies were filled with stars  And among them was a light, So bright and warm, It filled up my heart. For he was my knight, He swiftly strode across the moor  Of... Continue Reading →


Such a peaceful night it is. The moon is looking down at me, it's a half moon today. It resembles the cheshire cat's smile from Alice in Wonderland.  The sight makes me realise how insignificant our lives are. It makes... Continue Reading →


How can one change the outlook of one's life, when half of the world suffers from depression ? People have given a lot of inspirational talks and a whole lot of people out there to look upto. But this thought... Continue Reading →

An evening with happiness

I was looking at some posts and what most of them reflect is the agony that people face in life. This got me thinking, after all, is misery the most powerful expression of all. Why does it clench us in its claws? Why... Continue Reading →


How fast can someone's life change, you ask, well I'd say all it takes is a moment : sometimes a smile, a heartbreak, we are all just a second away from being an entirely different person. Change they say is... Continue Reading →


  It's a delicate expression isn't it? After all it is a blessing in disguise I have understood over time. For once broken, I've seen it create havoc and misery. As all the good things in the world, trust, also... Continue Reading →


They say that words are what make you, you. But I beg to differ, I'd say silences define us. Just a quantum of time that you are lost in, when you feel so ecstatic to be at peace with your... Continue Reading →


The person beside you in metro, who's listening to music with her earphones on, most popular girl in the class, your smiling mother who takes care of everyone, that guy who's always busy playing video games, the nerd with his... Continue Reading →

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