Inside out

Dear Sohini, Time, they say, is elusive. It slips out through cracks and crevices of your being because it is never yours to keep. But those that I would like to keep I measure in heartbeats, 76 heartbeats a cycle. Although it has been 80 million heartbeats of mine and 80 million heartbeats of yours... Continue Reading →



  Why fiction? Why believe in all those fantasies woven in novels or movies? Why believe in happily - ever after's? It's too cheesy, isn't it overrated, it never happens like that right. Then why do we need them?  In this world where we live, tragedies are romanticized. How many times have you tuned into... Continue Reading →

A stellar 

When you try to stand up to someone's expectations and you fall short, what do you do? Enough, am I ever going to be enough? Those dreading questions haunt us, don't they. But the point is that there's going to be atleast one person you'll end up disappointing. Make sure that isn't you.  So maybe... Continue Reading →


Have you figured out what you want to be ? If you have, then I'd say you're lucky. If you haven't then you're like me, luckier. It's not that I don't know what I want to be, rather there are many different skills I want to learn. Among these what I can choose to make... Continue Reading →

Why do I love writing?

I think it's because I'm never able to express clearly as to how I feel. So like all artists I hide in the forest of the words left unspoken. So there is this alternate universe that I've built for myself in my head. I look at something wonderful, my mind makes a note of it... Continue Reading →


We have these perfect embodiment of all the moments in our lives. We've already envisioned how it's gonna turn out even before it has happened. And this aspect of human beings have led to greater innovations in life. But how does this affect us when it comes to our personal life, our personal space, it... Continue Reading →

Ye dooriyan (The Distance)

The distance, in space it's measured in light years, in oceans it's nautical miles, in S.I. unit it's meters. But how is it measured between two people ? Two soulmates, a sister and her brother, a daughter and her mother, or two strangers sitting on a park bench. How do you express this connection? A... Continue Reading →

Fur love

As the day faded into the night, The skies were filled with stars  And among them was a light, So bright and warm, It filled up my heart. For he was my knight, He swiftly strode across the moor  Of darkness and fright, Picking up pieces and scars as he went  He painted my world... Continue Reading →


Such a peaceful night it is. The moon is looking down at me, it's a half moon today. It resembles the cheshire cat's smile from Alice in Wonderland.  The sight makes me realise how insignificant our lives are. It makes me wonder how did those writers come up with such magnificently magical and beautiful imaginations.... Continue Reading →

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