How fast can someone’s life change, you ask, well I’d say all it takes is a moment : sometimes a smile, a heartbreak, we are all just a second away from being an entirely different person. Change they say is necessary to evolve to our better selves. The other day, when I was riding with my friend on her scooty, the cool breeze blowing across my face, the moving traffic, water splashing out of the puddle, as I noticed all of this, it struck me. As to how people are always running, away from something, towards something, trying to make their ends meet, trying to meet deadlines, in a life where everything is constantly changing, thinking that they can control what’s happening to them or around them.

                      As people grow they tend to get gobbled up into the corporate world, they forget what true beauty is, they lose the ability to find happiness in the little things. They get so caught up that they stop appreciating what really matters and run after what doesn’t. They think that the next job, next salary hike, next trip, a new car, a new house can change all of it for them. But they are just material things, that anyone can achieve in life over time, it just varies how long one takes to achieve it. So if you also think in this way, I’d ask you to take a look at this quote by ‘Jim Carrey’ and re-consider, “I think everybody should get rich and famous and do everything they ever dreamed of so they can see that it’s not the answer.”

                      So I’m certain that humans are always in search of something, hoping that it will provide the satisfaction that the soul lingers for, but seldom finds it. At times like this we need someone who can remind us what we are truly made of, to bring out the magic in us, to tell us of our dreams, the kind of dreams that make us who we are. To instil in us the feeling of contempt, to make you believe that you are going to make it, minutes .. hours .. days .. months.. years .. no matter how long it takes you’ll get there, all of us eventually do.

                      And in the turmoil of changes of life they form our constants. I feel that is what people are actually in search of ever, ‘CONSTANCY’.


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